The proof is made up for the purpose of:

  • checking of incoming data,
  • checking of outgoing data prepared by PANFLEX.

The PANFLEX repro agency can do soft proof checks of data on-screen, and hard proof checks in print.

Soft proof

  • as viewed on a computer monitor

This is the simplest form, primarily for fast checking and rough orientation as to whether the design and placement of all elements is complete and matches the original. The resulting coloration is however, only approximate and cannot be guaranteed, even on correctly calibrated monitors.

Hard proof

  • a physical, printed test, referred to as hard proof

PANFLEX offer a wide range of hard proofs, from the simplest to most complex.

  1. Physical proof of mounted printing plates 1:1 on paper (color proof from mounted plates) – full visual check of the placement of individual printing plates, and of integrity.
  2. Non-binding digital proof by laser or ink jet plotter – checking preparation of data from the view of integrity and placement of elements.
  3. Binding digital proof – contract proof with or without accurate representation of spot colors using specialized GMG software – complete check of prepared data particularly regarding coloration.
  4. Mock-up/Dummy – in special cases, PANFLEX prepare an accurate model of a package.