Repro agency

Artwork is the graphic design or image which will appear on your packaging, including all dimensional markings and clearly specified coloring. It may also include other requirements as well.

Technical consultations

  • free prepress consultations on design, layout and printing of your packaging

The experts at PANFLEX will help you decide what methods, materials and formats will give you the results that accurately match your conceptions.

Complete Prepress Work

  • for flexographic, gravure and offset printing

Co-ordinating order processing

  • monitoring and adjusting the flow of information between the customer, agency and printer

PANFLEX usually act as the primary co-ordinator of print orders for all parties involved in an order. This allows the customer to save time and money and guarantees that the entire process keeps flowing smoothly and efficiently. It’s important to define responsibilities for each individual part of the operation.

Creating and organizing print profiles

  • the main condition is the preceding optimization and standardization of the print

Profiles are set up by specialists at PANFLEX, taking into account the technical capabilities of the printer, printing methods, printing press, and the substrate and inks to be used.

Unifying coloration for packaging series

  • primarily for a package series printed by different printing technologies

A detailed knowledge base of all printing methods and presses allow PANFLEX to ensure unity of coloration for package designs with differing technical specifications (printing press, method, substrate, etc.). With this you are guaranteed uniformity in your packaging series.

→ For more information see Color Management

Archiving Data

  • everything in one place
  • ask about the most suitable method of archiving, protecting and accessing your data.

PANFLEX take care of your data safely, reliably and systematically. You will always have the most current version of your design at hand and you will never have to worry about any older versions being retrieved for printing.

→ For more information see Data Management