Special proofs

Special proofs are used for visualization of the final product for graphic studios, printing houses, Brand owners, marketing departments and experts in the packaging industry.

Special proof materials:

  • transparent
  • metallic
  • matt
  • supplied material (need to be pre-tested)

Allows to evaluate:

  • packaging visualization (object transparency, the appearance of white color, varnishes etc.)
  • packaging print (print on metallic or clear foil, print on white color etc.)

Final results before real printing lead to:

  • less claims
  • improve packaging quality
  • saving time and money

It is possible to simulate industrial printing on transparent foil with white underprint, whether full-surface or partial (with a view on the contents and other effects), possibly with white in halftones. Proofs are protected by lamination against the wear and scratching of the print.

Production requirements:

  • Composite imaging PDF needs to be provided for proof production. Checked, prepress output file for the production of printing forms, with all separations, including white, overprints etc.
  • For any modification of the data you need to deliver an open format, including used fonts and images. The order must be processed as standard prepress.