Anilox Rolls

PANFLEX offers  a full range of SANDON GLOBAL anilox rolls.

SANDON GLOBAL advantages are:

  • improved ink release
  • easier visual inspection
  • reduced doctor blade wear
  • reduced consumption of ink and substrate
  • high quality print
 Fluid UV = Combination print 75°
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  • Benefits: Solid & Tone on one plate; HD proces sprint and reduced dot gain; Minimise ink „spitting“ and „pin-holing; A semi-channelled engraving enabling controlled ink flow leading to “clean” print; Reduced doctor blade vibration due to smooth cell micro-finish; Vibrant colours; Reduce anilox inventories; Extend lifespan on wear compared to conventional 60º engravings.
 Fluid HEX = Process & Solid 60°
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  • Benefits: “Open” hexagonal cell design encourages; ink flow; Process and tone; Strong solids; Minimise ink “spitting” and “pin-holing”; Improved release characteristics leading to “clean” print; Reduced doctor blade vibration due to smooth cell micro-finish; Like for like replication of standard 60º specifications.
XPRO = High Definition Process 61°
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  • Benefits: 61º engraving reduces the risk of moire (or screen clash); Inter-linking cells deliver HD print quality; Reduced wear and reduced scoring; Precision volume control; Reduced plugging; Consistent ink transfer at high speed.
GMX = Tactile Coating – Patent pending no. GB1520915.8
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  • Benefits: Unique and efficient shallow cell design; Increase coat weights; Reduces cell blocking when using large coating particles; Reduce vibration due to micro-finish cell polish; Easier to clean than conventional engravings; Reduce annual spend on coatings, varnish and lacquers.
 HOW = High Opacity White
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  • Benefits: Screen alternative opaque white without pin-holing; Available in 4 different volume levels to suit the text and solid density required; Maintain press speed; Reduces ink reticulation; Eliminates costly; screen heads; Improve print; efficiency; Easier to clean.
 HOC = High Opacity Color
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  • Benefits: Holds fine point text without filling in; Screen quality opaque colour without pin-holing; Reduces ink reticulation; Maintain press speed; Eliminates costly screen heads; Improve print efficiency; Easier to clean than conventional engravings; No backing white required.
 IPRO = High Definition Process 75°
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  • Benefits: 75º engraving achieves a high line count reducing dot gain and bridging; Allow printers to make the most of advancements in reprographics; Vivid HD colours; Gaps in cell walls to reduce surface tension and promote ink release; Inter-linking cells deliver HD print quality; Consistent ink transfer, up to 800 mpm; Reduced ink starvation compared to a standard hexagonal cell format.
 HVP = High Volume Process
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  • Benefits: Versatile engraving used for solids, mechanical tints, vignettes, fi ne line text and clean reverse out print; Combines solids and tonal print on the same plate; Easy cleaning; Reducing anilox inventory and press downtime; Enhanced lay down, reducing pin-holing on solids; Improved wear characteristics, allowing cells to maintain good cell ratios characteristics.
Fluid FP = Combination
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  • Benefits: A semi-channelled engraving enabling controlled ink flow; Ideal for High; Opacity White; Extended lifespan in comparison to conventional engravings; Combines solid and tone on a single plate; Good release characteristics; Increased scoring resistance due to smooth micro-polish finish.
 Classic = Conventional 60°
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  • Benefits: A 70% open cell structure aids ink flow; Multi-functional engraving; High cell wall ratio maximising ink release; Process and solid print.

 Along with anilox rolls, PANFLEX also provides:

  • cleaning tools, cleaning systems and agents for anilox rolls and printing plates
  • a wide range of doctor blades, based on customer needs and requirements
  • other materials and equipment for using and taking care of anilox rolls (magnets for ink pans and buckets, material for repairing anilox rolls)
  • regular inspection of anilox rolls
  • complete technical support