Equipment for producing flexographic plates

Flexographic plate-making equipment by DUPONT is well known and regarded worldwide for its high level of quality and long-term reliability for the production of both analogue and digital flexographic plates.
One of DUPONT’s latest innovations is the CYREL FAST system, which represents the quickest and most up-to-date flexographic plate production in the world.

Distillation equipment

DUPONT also offers a wide selection of vacuum distillation equipment with varying degrees of automated and safety features. At the heart of this equipment is a distillation boiler of 50 to 200 litres made of standard or stainless steel, for the production of saturated organic solvents used in conventional plate-making.

Equipment for cleaning anilox rolls

ALPHASONICS cleaning equipment allows ultrasonic cleaning of anilox rolls in house using Alphasound, a method that enables even the highest screen counts to be effectively and safely cleaned. This equipment is available in standard formats, or can be custom tailor made to almost any specification and cleans not only the anilox rolls, but also other parts of the printing press.

ALPHASONICS Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems (pdf)

Quality control equipment

For quality control, PANFLEX offer MITUTOYO quality control equipment, which enables precise measuring not only for flexographic plates, but also for double-sided adhesive tape, substrate materials, and other materials used in flexographic printing.

For further control of color management, a full range of products from X-RITE is offered, including transparency, reflective and spectral densitometers, scanning and auto scanning systems, measuring devices, tools for color calibration, formulation systems and programs.

3D Scanning Microscope to measure the surface of Anilox rolls and sleeves

Minimise your press setup time - optimise your press availability

The Anilox QC application was developed for printers where Quality Control of their Anilox inventory is desired. In particular for inhouse recording of new roll data, data condition during use, and to enable financial planning for refurbishing or replacement.

Practical internal management of Anilox inventory is desired to reduce colour match time, ensure consistent print quality an highlighting potnetial issues before going to press by determining if a roll is clean or dirty.

What can be measured:

  • Engraving Angle (indicated in °, např. 30°, 45°,60°)
  • Screen Count ( lcm, lpi)
  • Cell Volume(cm³ / m²)
  • Wall Width (µm)
  • Cell Opening (µm)
  • Cell Depth (µm)
  • 3D cell profile analysis (X/Y/Z)
  • Any X/Y measurements

ANILOX readings can be imported into Troikas Anilox Management Software. The AMS database application enabies the printer to fully control his Anilox Inventory by tracking the wear and volume variances of each roll. This leads to a significantly reduced setup and ink adjustment time and increases the avaliability of the presses.

Special Reports can be generated for a Before/After Cleaning Analysis based on averaged readings on different locations along the roll. In addition a number of options are available to add certain functionalities like 2D / 3D flexo plate analysis, foil strip analysis and more.


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