PANFLEX supply a range of world beating materials and equipment for flexographic printing.

A small selection of items we offer:

  • Double and single sided adhesive tape from SCAPA, 3M, and TESA
  • Mounting foil, transparent or milky
  • Glue for sealing up plate edges
  • Tensioning belts and mounting rails for widely used systems
  • Riveting equipment and rivets
  • Clips and mechanical or pneumatic stapling machines, including further materials for mounting plates onto mounting foil

Other items:

  • Special cleaning cloths from NUBTEX, PHOTEX and FLEXTEX for cleaning plates
  • LITHOCLEANER cleaning rollers with stands and transfer paper for cleaning dust from graphic film
  • PANTONE Formula Guides
  • cleaning brushes for printing plates
  • steel or brass cleaning brushes for anilox rolls
  • Many other items to help you achieve the highest quality possible in your flexographic business