For printing directly onto corrugated, PANFLEX supply printing plates from simple RESY marks to complex halftone prints.


  • adaptation of graphic designs to fit the printing properties of the specific press
  • hybrid sreening, which allows to achieve unsurpassed color results
  • digital color-proofing for the preview of multicolored halftone prints, simulating the actual printing inks

Printing Plates

  • printing plates can be mounted to foil up to a size of 3.6m x 1.65m
  • plates are typically between 2.84mm to 6.35mm thick


  • printing plates can be mounted to foil up to a size of 3.6m x 1.65m
  • camera- controlled mounting systems ensure highest accuracy of positioning
  • control proofs including line drawing made from the finished printing plates - the control proof serves to check the placement of the printing elements, it is not used to the check accuracy of the colors

Archiving Data

  • archiving finished data for a minimum period of 5 years for repeat orders

The expert staff of PANFLEX provide advice and technical service which will help to achieve optimum results on any press.

Thanks to their experience working together with well-known international printing companies, PANFLEX provide optimized printing plates especially for corrugated pre-print.