Flexible Packaging, Labels and Bags

or printing on paper or foil, PANFLEX supply made to order photopolymer printing plates.


  • resolution up to 176lpi – a printing quality equal to rotogravure
  • for multicolored halftone printing, PANFLEX can provide a color-proof test print simulating the actual printed colors
  • excellent color results thanks to hybrid screening

Printing Plates

  • PANFLEX supply printing plates of various parameters in relation to the type of substrate, colors used, condition and features of the printing press, and other specifications
  • with maximum dimensions up to 200cm x 125cm; thickness of the printing plates is generally between 0.76 mm and 1.7mm
  • that can be finished using conventional methods or the quick, solvent free Cyrel Fast system

Archiving Data and Film

  • archiving finished data and exposed film for a minimum period of 5 years for repeat orders

The expert staff of PANFLEX provide advice and technical service that will help you to achieve optimum results whatever your equipment.