PANFLEX also supply photopolymer printing plates for other uses such as printing envelopes, paper and plastic bags, napkins, etc. Artwork and production of the plates are carried out to customer requirements.


  • adaptation of artworks to fit the printing properties of the specific equipment
  • excellent color results thanks to hybrid screening.
  • digital color-proof preview for multicolored halftone printing. Simulating the actual printed colors.
  • color-proof preview on the actual printing substrate

Printing Plates

  • printing plates of various parameters in relation to the type of substrate, colors used, condition and features of the printing press, plus other specifications
  • with maximum dimensions of plates 200cm x 125cm
  • plates are typically between 0.76mm and 6,35mm thick

Archiving Data and Film

  • archiving finished data and exposed film for a minimum period of 5 years for repeat orders

The expert staff of PANFLEX provide advice and technical service which will help you to achieve optimum results on your equipment.