Photopolymer Plates

DuPont Cyrel flexographic printing plates are made for a wide variety of applications in the packaging industry. They can be used for printing corrugated, labels, cardboard, paper, film, foil, as well as for specialized uses such as coating and varnishing in offset printing.

Cyrel® flexographic plates are made up of various types of polymers of different thicknesses and formats. Their precise thickness and compatibility with a variety of UV, solvent and water based inks under varying printing conditions gives you a reliable basis for exceptional printing results.

With the introduction of the Cyrel® FAST system, DuPont has set a new standard for flexographic plate-making. The Cyrel® FAST system can be integrated easily and effectively into either analogue or digital workflow systems. It allows extremely short production times, covers a wide spectrum of uses and produces printing plates of a quality that will match those produced by conventional systems. From a finished design to a finished plate ready for printing takes less than an hour with Cyrel®FAST, bringing the reality of just-in-time into any operation.

Cyrel® photopolymer plates are available in two versions: for digital imaging directly from the digital workflow and for analogue imaging by film. Image reproduction of both versions consistently demonstrates correct tonal values, halftones from 1 to 98% (60l/cm), very fine lines, and the Cyrel® flexographic plates can also print very fine text.

This cutting-edge technology from DuPont is manufactured to a high standard of quality and all products have been made to meet ISO 9001 standards since 1992.


Cyrel® Flexo Plates