Color Management

Right from the earliest introduction of CMS (Color Management System) into the prepress workflow, PANFLEX have been following this trend of development and recommend color management procedures to every step of production. Along with the tools and know-how, the management and setting CMS is important in the whole prepress workflow.

A high degree of automation in the prepress workflow at PANFLEX results in a minimum of human error and a maximum of productivity.

Options and technology of CMS and digital printing:

  • 2 GMG RIP server for color-management and proofing with expanded modules specially designed for the packaging industry

Establishing proper settings of the Color Management System is one of the primary factors in good prepress.

CMS Application Process:

  1. expert assistance with printing tests
  2. evaluation of these tests
  3. creating of relevant profile
  4. proof certification that proof match the printing test.

Certification then serves as verification of a stable and error-free operation in processing and production of digital proofs.

Standardization of the printing process

An inseparable part of functional CMS is also the standardization of the printing process. PANFLEX offer its customers expert advice and assistance in this area.