Data Management

Data Management is an internet based service and application. It serves to safeguard, co-ordinate and archive designs, artworks, patterns, documents and other necessary materials relevant to prepress.


These services can be used in principle by everyone who is involved in the process of packaging development – from the first designs and graphics to final artworks, regardless of the place of origin, or use, or time.

These services are not dependent on the computer or equipment platform used or any eventual changes in prepress.

Who it is intended for

The system can work independently – a customer-based solution, or it can be integrated and administered as a set of customer services and so become a part of the ordinary prepress workflow.

Copyright owners can effectively administer an entire portfolio of packaging products.

The system is useful for:

  • Graphic studios and advertising agencies – enabling closer working between all parties involved.
  • Package printers – facilitates communication between copyright owners and users (i.e., graphic designers, printers, etc.).

The aim of this system is to facilitate access to all main information regarding the processing of an order.